Valid CGI Values Specification 1.0

This document presents the current version of the VCV Specification. The following listing shows the different sections of it.

For a package containing the whole specification, please see

  1. VCV-Tags in XHTML Documents
    This section describes which kind of tags and attributes VCV provides for using in XHTML documents.
  2. Classes
    This section introduces the ``built-in'' VCV data classes as used in the vcv:type attribute. The class names are case sensitve, even if your VCV programming language is not.
  3. Form Definition Files
    Instead of writing VCV applications that need to parse a whole website, only for collecting the information about the XHTML form, you can also put the required VCV tags into a so-called Form Definition File.
  4. VCV API
    This section describes the (object-orientated) API VCV offers to you as

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