Sample XHTML Form with VCV extensions

The following sample (XHTML) code shows the important elements of a form. necessary tags are marked sand, attributes have a green colour and their values are red.

	<!-- in the document head -->
	<html xmlns=""

	<!-- somewhere in the body -->
	<form action=fr-demo.php method=post>

	<!-- some VCV options -->
	<vcv:option name=upload.accept.strict value=yes />

	<fieldset><legend>input boxes</legend>
	<label for="name">Name:</label>
		<input type=text name=name id="name" size=20 maxlength=50
			vcv:pregex=([[:alpha:]]+\w{1}[[:alpha:]]+) />
	<label for="pwd">Password:</label>
		<input type=password name=pwd id="pwd" size=10 maxlength=30 />
	<label for="bd">Date of Birth:</label>
		<input type=text name=bd id="bd" size=10 maxlength=10 vcv:type=date />
	<textarea name=text id="text" rows="10" cols="50" vcv:length=1024>

	<fieldset><legend>file upload</legend>
	<input type=file name=file id="file" size=50 maxlength=10240 accept=text/* />

	<fieldset><legend>select boxes</legend>
	<select size="1" name=sel1 id="sel1" multiple=multiple>
	<select size="1" name=sel2 id="sel2" vcv:values-of=$array>
	// ...
	<vcv:choose-one values-of=$array />
	// ...

	<button type=reset>Reset Values</button>
	<button type=submit name=ok id="ok1" value=1>Submit</button>
	<button type=submit name=ok id="ok2" value=2>Submit</button>
	<button type=submit name=ok id="ok3" value=3>Submit</button>